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About Me

I am a recent graduate of the Academy of Interactive Entertainment, where I achieved a Bachelor of Games and Virtual Worlds. I have skills & experience in C++, C#, Unity Engine, GitHub & Perforce.

Other Qualifications:

Certificate III in Information, Digital Media & Technology


Gain an insight into my current projects and studies through my blog!

Planet Unknown

Planet Unknown is a retro inspired Sci-Fi 2D pixel platformer. Play as a stranded adventurer who has crash landed on a hostile alien planet that must find their ship’s missing hull to escape. Traverse the strange environment, solve puzzles, fight enemy creatures and gather as many ship pieces as possible with the aid of special abilities.

This is my most recent project that I pitched and worked on with my team for our second year major project. Planet Unknown was developed over a fifteen week period for Windows and Mac PC.

My responsibilities included:

  • Scheduling and team management 

  • Implementing player behaviour

  • Implementing new power up mechanics

  • Implementing player UI

  • Implementing world space & screen UI effects

  • Trailer & Commentary Video editing

Download and play Planet Unknown for free!

Recovery VR

In addition to my second year studies in 2020, I underwent a vocational placement at Recovery VR, a rehabilitation platform that uses virtual reality.

My responsibilities included:

  • Developing mini games according to specified requirements 

  • Programming and implementing game mechanics

  • Testing and debugging game mechanics

  • Utilizing art assets to create level environments and layouts

Throughout this placement I worked with the Unity engine and Visual studio to develop for Oculus and Pico Neo. More details about the work I did at Recovery VR are featured in the following blog posts.


Mythos is a dark fantasy hack-n-slash game in which you play a noble warrior who has been selected by The Goddess to be her champion. Fight your way through enemies to complete your quest, only to find out The Goddess' true intentions!

This group project was done over a six week assessment period, in which we had to make one game level meeting the requirements of a specified game brief. In my role as one of two programmers on this project.

My responsibilities included:

  • Player behaviour

  • Checkpoint system

  • Voiced one of our characters 'The Goddess'


To develop Mythos my team and I used the Unity 3D engine, Perforce for source control and all scripts were written in C#.


Tetranaut is a 2D turn-based endless runner card game, where you travel across the solar system, repair your ship by collecting resources in the form of Tetrominoes and adapt to events thrown your way!


View Tetranaut's Global Game Jam page here.

This project was made during the 2020 Global Game Jam to the theme of 'Repair', using the Unity engine and C#. Being one of two programmers on this game, I worked on the tetris grid game play and the main menu.

Physics Simulation

This physics project was made for an assessment in which I had to write and demonstrate a custom physics simulation. This project was written in C++ and was made using third-party graphics library's including AIE Bootstrap, GLM, IMGUI, GLFW and STB .

As seen in the recording above, collisions between various static and dynamic rigid bodies occur in the simulation, including spheres, boxes and planes. The user is able to add spheres and boxes at any time, these new objects are coloured pink. If the 'G' key is held down, the user can also reverse the force of gravity being applied to the objects, making them rise. When the key is released, gravity returns to normal and the objects being to fall.

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